Six sentence story

The empty can bounced and jumped down the street over unseen pebbles and potholes. 

Jerry’s feet dragged as he plodded toward it, trying to calculate which foot would get there first and whether he would kick it again. 

The sky was gray. 

The land was gray. 

The horizon was indistinguishable. 

His left foot connected with the can again and it bounced on unheard by another soul. 

(This has been my first inlinkz link up AND my first six sentence story! Yay for inspiration from friends!)

9 Comments on “Six sentence story

  1. The bane of my parents was me always having scuffed shoes from that boyhood desire to kick anything that could be kicked on the way to school and back home again. How good was life then for we were all Tom Sawyer’s.

    1. I actually had to google ‘kick the can down the road politics’ because I’m so cluelessly non-political! It’s sad. It’s so so sad. But thanks for stopping by and helping me to learn something new!

  2. You captured this perfectly…o can remember trying to land my steps so they would line up for the next kick!

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