Six Sentence Story: Frayed

Tkitchen-chaoshe timer is buzzing incessantly across the room as the children fight over who gets to turn it off. Acrid smoke begins to rise from the bacon that has just started to over cook on the stove. From the next room, the volume on the TV slowly rises to a cacophonous roar as the cat stands on the volume button. A doorbell rings on the already too loud TV and the dog begins to howl uncontrollably.

Janelle sinks dejectedly into the dining room chair, picks up her coffee cup full of wine and gives up. She tries to block out the chaos all around her and wonders why Jack can’t see just how frayed her nerves are.



Six sentence stories have become my newest love! I get my cues from this blog and I share my stories on inlinkz which I’m just getting started with and am sure I’m using incorrectly. Ha ha. I’ll post the link once I can find it.